The Parko team

We re-invent the meaning of car distribution.

Our team is made up of a diverse group of people. From a former Chief Concierge in a Parisian palace to a Mechanic who retrained as a Full-Stack Developer. Above everything else, Parkopoly is looking for people who are excellent in their industry and can bring this experience to a new project. What have our people got in common? They want to shake things up around them for humans, technology and customer service.

Sébastien de Limon

Chief Executive & Co-Founder

After a number of years in industry, Sébastien launched Parkopoly with Arthur to transform car distribution through new services.

Looking beyond entrepreneurship, he saw a sector that was ready to be transformed which inspired him to launch the service.

Arthur Darde

Director of New Technology & Co-Founder

As a qualified engineer, Arthur worked for 10 years with large engineering groups on energy conservation projects. His key motivation: to develop technical solutions to transform our world. He co-founded Parkopoly with the aim of to start a fresh and create a car service for the future.

François Merer

Commercial Director

François is diligent and listens to his customers. He doesn’t aim to deliver the same pitch to all of our partners, but wants to understand what every customer wants, in order to be able to identify the key things to develop for new services. When selling our services, he aims to understand customers and reassure them of the services that we offer. He’s constantly looking for ways to improve the service.

Alexis Gasztowtt

Chief Operating Officer 

Alexis is always looking for new trends and ideas within the car distribution market. Coaching the operations team, he is an expert in resolving problems and he focuses on learning by doing. His motivation and uncontested desire is to make the start-up a success.

Olivier Rouy

Director of Customer Experience

We’re all dreaming of the same thing: having more time for ourselves. Olivier ensures that each customer’s needs are met.  Give him your car keys and leave your worries in the glove box, Olivier will take care of the rest. And just like that, you’ve saved 4 hours!

Victor du Limbert

Deputy Head of Operations

When you find a problem that has occurred more than two times in a row, you need to find a way to fix it because when you’re in a team of 200, it’s a problem that will happen 200 times a day! Victor is not scared of getting his hands dirty: you cannot improve daily operations if you don’t know how things work. He finds new ways of doing things by looking back at his daily actions.

Matthieu de Fontanges

Training Manager 

Matthieu started out as a Driver for Parkopoly. Passionate about cars and car-related technology, his role is to make our drivers specialists in our services, by giving them tools so that they can complete their jobs effectively. One of his key aims is to always do the best for our customers.

Fabien Descamps

Operations Manager

Fabien joined Parkopoly after having worked as a Customer Relations Advisor for Peugeot and Citroën. What does he do? Plans jobs, tracks and manages activity in real time on our valet driver network. When jobs are going well, customer relations are good and they have a greater level of satisfaction.

Vincent Nogues

Bordeaux City Manager

A pillar of the town of Bordeaux, Vincent manages the network of drivers in the town on a daily basis. As the spokesperson for Parkopoly in our partner network, he is constantly analysing the environment to find ways of improving the service.  He’s a real entrepreneur, he knows his town and wants to further develop the Parkopoly concept.

Ina Richard

Head of Administration and Human Resources 

Former Office Manager at Deliveroo, Ina brings a wealth of knowledge of providing a home service, through her experience. Managing accounting, human resources and everyday life in the offices, Ina is always wearing a smile at work and is a great listener to all of our colleagues!

Léa Esteban

 Digital Marketing & Webdesigner

Léa supports our various teams in their marketing strategy which helps everyone reach their objectives. She looks after the Parkopoly brand and uses her knowledge and experience to create innovative content for our customers, all whilst keeping their needs in mind.

Founded in 2016, Parkopoly is already deployed in several cities and regions in France, including Paris, Bordeaux, Rouen and the Côte d’Azur.

Our “clustered” model along with qualified drivers, available in every major cities, offer a unique agility and quality of service.

With more than 2500 missions carried out each month by our affiliated drivers, Parkopoly is a pioneer in the transformation of the automotive uses.

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