Pick-up and Delivery


What do we mean by pick-up and delivery?

Pick Up and Delivery (PUD) means picking up a car and transporting it from point A to point B and vice versa.

In this scenario, Parkopoly would pick up a client’s car to drive it to the garage and deliver it to them after.


The benefits don’t stop there:

It’ll help you increase customer satisfaction and reduce wait times in the garage.


A unique transport solution allowing your garage, car dealership or auto centre to dramatically increase the daily car turnover rate.

Why use Parkopoly?

Parkopoly is a pioneer in sales and after sales in the automotive sector.


In partnership with large brands in the automotive sector, we have been able to re-invent urban transportation.


Our strength comes from the quality and diverse range of services that we offer:

We carefully select our drivers and train them, so that they reflect our brand values and embody innovation.

How does it work?

Car pick-ups are the flagship service on our platform.


When a customer books an appointment at a garage or car dealership, it is possible to offer them a service to pick-up their car from the place of their choice (workplace, home or somewhere else).


A driver arrives on the day, in the customer’s chosen place and time, to transport their car to the garage, car dealership or partner auto centre.


In the same way, it’s also possible for the car to be delivered after the servicing or maintenance. Cars can be transported in both ways, in exactly the same way.


Managing customer flows becomes extremely simple and garages only need to take care of cars being dropped off and picked up. Our Drivers are there to reduce the burden on garages, allowing you to have more time and to be more productive.

Our Technology

We’re further developing our app for Drivers jobs every day.

Dispatch & Tracking

Drivers access jobs through the app


Car inspections are held on the app

Payment & Docs

From documentation to payment, everything is completed on the app

Quality assurance

Jobs are tracked and quality assessed

Comprehensive insurance policy

Each car driven by Parkopoly is covered for claims of up to 140 000€ by AXA, the world leader in insurance.

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Founded in 2016, Parkopoly is already deployed in several cities and regions in France, including Paris, Bordeaux, Rouen and the Côte d’Azur.

Our “clustered” model along with qualified drivers, available in every major cities, offer a unique agility and quality of service.

With more than 2500 missions carried out each month by our affiliated drivers, Parkopoly is a pioneer in the transformation of the automotive uses.

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