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Dispatch jobs in the Drivers app

Our drivers use a bespoke app which manages jobs. Using this platform, they can accept the different types of jobs you want them to do and they can do all this in real time.


The Driver app allows them to keep all of the key information in one place, from details of the car inspection to payment details and a report is generated at the end of each job.

Integrated payment platform

We endeavour to create a service that is as simplified and as innovative as possible for urban transit, to dramatically improve your customer satisfaction. To do this, our Drivers have been given a payment terminal with the latest card technology.


Once the billed amount is entered into the Driver app, the customer only needs to insert their bank card. A receipt can be then sent to them by email or SMS.

Time and location stamped job report

While out on jobs, Drivers can photograph and annotate any damage using the Photo-Scan function in the Parkopoly app.


The car is checked when the car is handed over, whilst the customer is still present and once again when it arrives at the garage. Once this process is complete, the customer and the person working in the garage sign on the mobile app and confirm the job.

tracking platform: keeping an eye on the cars

Thanks to our tracking tool, your customers can follow the transportation of their car and see how the job progresses in real time through the app. The client will have all the information necessary to contact the Driver or ask for assistance.


This tool allows documents to be stored in one place, in a paperless format (job report, invoices, completed payments). Jobs are given a score once they are completed, this allows you to ensure the safe delivery of cars to your customers.

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Founded in 2016, Parkopoly is already deployed in several cities and regions in France, including Paris, Bordeaux, Rouen and the Côte d’Azur.

Our “clustered” model along with qualified drivers, available in every major cities, offer a unique agility and quality of service.

With more than 2500 missions carried out each month by our affiliated drivers, Parkopoly is a pioneer in the transformation of the automotive uses.

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